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   Group Eve :
     - Kim Se Heon (vocals)
     - Jung U. Hwa (guitar)
     - Ha Se Bin (guitar)
     - Kim Seung Joo (bass)

     - Choi Min Chang (keyboards)


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     - Romanized lyrics
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    Released Albums :
     - "Swear", 4th album. 4/11/2001
     - "Fly To You", 3rd album,
     - "Eros", 2nd album, 5/06/1999
     - "EVE", 1st album, 8/05/1998


  Mad About U
  Wedding Cake
  Call Me
  Dying Young
  Don't Say Good-Bye
  Come On
  Whenever You Feel...
  Muse + Want U

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> You may not use or
> reproduce these songs.
> Music Copyright by
> WorldMusic.
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Kim Kyung Ho
K-Rock Artist Kim Kyung Ho

Eve: vol.6
"Welcome to Planet Eve"
Language: Korean
Release Date: 10/29/2003
Publisher: EMI Music Korea Ltd
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Eve 5th "Ever"
Language: Korean
Release Date: 11/12/2002
Publisher: World Music
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EVE vol.4
Eve 4th "Swear"
Product Info:
Language: KOREAN
Release Date:
Publisher: World Music

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